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Heater & AC Hose Dress Up

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Hi Guys!

I want to dress up these hoses with steel braid or chrome covering. Heater hoses are 3/4" and the AC hoses are 1". I can't disconnect the hoses to slide a covering over them and need a suggestion on what to use...

Thanks from Belleair Beach, FL!
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I think that you're out of luck on this one. I can't think of anything with a steel braid look that can be applied without disconnecting the hoses. I used some steel braided sleeves from Spectre many years ago, then finally just went ahead and installed the real thing. It's a little spendy, but if that's the look you want, well worth the cost.

Best of luck.

Thanks, Ray!

I'm looking at ConvoShield™ AL Aluminized Slit Tubing to see if it will work and if it does I'll post the results...

Thanks Again...
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