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Hello USA, Help for a Chevy 56.....owner

Hello good guys from US, here in germany i need some help for my Chevy 56 - 6 cylinder 235 engine restoration. I got the car with the following "inside heater" hose connection:
Water pump out connection to the lower connection of the inner heater and out connection of the thermostat to the upper connection of the inner heater. I guess this is wrong.
Please help me and give me the right connection, also i like to know the reason why the right connection is so important.
Thank you very much for your help !
Have a good day

If you like..... here is the true story of my car

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Hello Stefan! Welcome to Trifive. I love your website.

On to your question, the heater hose from the thermostat housing goes to the bottom of the two heater core inlet pipes. The one from the water pump goes to the upper of the two pipes. It is important that they be this way. The heater control valve will not hold the hot water out of the heater core if they are routed backwards. The heater control valve works like a check valve to a degree and if the hoses are on wrong, the water can push the valve open a little and let hot water in.

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