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Hello all ';';';

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I wanted to say hello im tom & wife is kathrine she ownes a 57, 210, aqua & white were from south bend ind. :wavey:
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Welcome to Tri Five Tom and Kathrine.
Hello Tom and Kathrine
welcome aboard
love to see some pics of your 57
:hello: hi tom and kathrine, welcome. good to have you here. so its her car, thats so cool. :party0031: ...........................gotta use that one on my wife when i get my 57. :D
Hey Hey Welcome! Go Hoosiers........
Welcome To, Katherine, & your 57 Chevrolet. Post some pictures of your car when you can.

Hi and Welcome to TriFive :)
:sign0016: Tom and Kathrine!! Glad to have you along!!:shakehands:

:sign0016:to trifive Tom & Kathrine:shakehands: :anim_25:with the 57... Later, Dave
Welcome aboard Tom and Katherine, tell us about the 57 or better yet post a picture when you can.
Thank you ALL so much for the warm welcom Kay tried to post a pic no luck were not to com savy ;';';' :wavey:
Welcome aboard to the both of ya from Chattanooga.
Thank you all...Kay & safe ';';';';' GOD BLESS ';';'; :wavey:
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