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Hello from Austria

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Hello from Austria to everyone they loves or drives one of the trifives.
Here comes a Newbie. On the 2nd November 2022 i bought my first classiccar, my dreamcar since more than over 30 years and it is a 57.
A one-fifty made in canada.


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Welcome from Pennsylvania with a 55 but powered with the straight six. Lots of fun to drive and play with.
Thank You !
My 57 is also powered with the straight six, and i am sure that i am having fun with him. 馃榾
Hello & welcome from the Pacific NW AKA Washington State, good looking 57.
Yes good looking, but there's a lot off work to do, to get it on the streets back 馃檪
Hi & Welcome to Trifive Carl
Thank you, greetings from austria
Willkommen aus Schweden馃憤
Haha :cool:, Das leben zu kurz, die Garage zu schmal,...:ROFLMAO: ich zerkugel mich gerade vor lachen...
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Welcome Aboard!..You will find a wealth of information here (y)
Thank You 馃槑

Your '55 is great, and so is your brother's Ford. A few years ago I wanted to buy this 1937 Ford 4door,
but someone else was faster.
Hi and Welcome to TriFive :)


Your '55 is great, and so is your brother's Ford. A few years ago I wanted to buy this 1937 Ford 4door,
but someone else was faster.
Hi ! How鈥檚 it run ? Do you cruise it in the alps ?
Bet you get a lot of thumbs up !
Hello, there are some things to do before we can bring him back to the streets. The car still has to be typed for our country and the lighting rebuilt according to our regulations. In addition, a few stand damages, but from next spring i would like to make a few trips, but without trips across the alps 馃槀.

Greetings Carl
Welcome for Pennsylvania, USA. Great Find, I always liked the 150 models in a 57.
I too was like you with getting a Tri Five. I had many performance cars in my life, but not a Tri Five. I always had a love for 55, 56 and 57 Chevys, but never got one until I was 67, and have been driving and working on it for the past 3 years.
I have the 1st year of the Tri Fives, a 1955 Bel Air model.
Is your transmission a powerglide 2 speed automatic, or is it a 3 on the tree manual ??
I see you're from the beautiful country or Austria. I've been thinking of all of you people over there. Your not that far from all of the horrible thing of war going on in Ukraine, being that you are only about 500 miles (780 km) away from the border of Ukraine.
Be as safe as you can, enjoy your model 150, and at least one fellow Tri Five owner from the USA will be thinking of you in these times !!
Since you waited more then 30 years to get the car you loved, I bet there's a permanent smile on your face when you're cruising around in your 1957 Chevrolet.
Hello rcopo69, Hello Pennsylvania,

First of all, thank you for your kind words!

I myself was born in 1971 and at least since I got my driver's license when I was 18 and I had a magazine called Chrom und Flammen in my hands in the 1980s, I was determined to invest more money in a classic car rather than an ugly one Electronics cluttered new car to buy.

Yes, Austria is a beautiful country with a lot of nice people, and yes, unfortunately, it is only 900 kilometers from us to the Poland/Ukraine border. What just happened there is very terrible.

What we notice in our country apart from the media reports, like in 2015, are many refugees who come to our country.
In addition to the company deaths and many private tragedies caused by the lockdowns since the beginning of the Corona crisis since 2020, there is now the rise in food, gas and electricity prices since the beginning of the war, which many can no longer afford with difficulty or at all.

Since the electricity price is linked to the gas price, we have, for example, in our household an adjustment of the quarterly advance payment from just over 500 euros to an amount just over 1000 euros.

Our government advises saving electricity and gas, but what else can you do if everything in the household has already been switched to LEDs and new electrical appliances.
The government's advice when cooking, put the lid on the pot, ventilate instead of keeping it open for hours, shower instead of bathing, and so on and so forth, has been done for a long time anyway.

The heating in public service buildings will also be reduced to around 19-21 degrees.
In one federal state, they even wanted to turn off the hot water completely in schools and children's gardens, but there was too much resistance, something like that can't be true.

Maybe this winter we'll be without heating and electricity for the first time in decades, after all, a blackout has been predicted for a long time.

In these conditions you need something to enjoy, in my case my 1957 Chevy Model 150, 3 speed manual and straight 6 with 140HP, made in Canada

At the moment a big grin on my face alternates with tears of joy.

I still can't believe I own a 1957 Chevy. The joy of the car and the first exit in spring 2023 is immense.

When I wake up in the morning I still think: did you just dream that or is it true... did you really buy the car or not?

But then when I look at the photos and also the many messages about my performance in this and also in a German-speaking Chevy forum, I know, NOT A DREAM but MY car.

So now I've written so much again.
Greetings from currently sunny, cloudless Austria
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Welcome from Klamath Falls Oregon! Looks like a nice ride, I'm sure you'll turn some heads when you roll by.
Thank you:)
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