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Hello to everyone from Indiana

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I look forward to meeting new friends. This looks like a cool site to share info.. PS I'm wanting to install a 69 396 using a 4-speed muncie. I could use some details for correct installation. 55 Chevy 2dr HT SAVEDN92
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Welcome! Look in the hi-performance section under big block. That should answer some of your questions.
:hello: hi saved and welcome. good to have here. might want to start a new post with your question. :anim_25:
Hello SAVEDN92
welcome aboard
should be a blast with a big block in it especially with a manual gearbag !
Hi savedn92 and welcome, i have some family living in the Fort Wayne area. Hope the big block transformation goes well. I know you will get advice here that will be very helpful.
Hi and Welcome to TriFive :)

:sign0016:to trifive:wavey: :anim_25:with the 55... Later, Dave
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