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Help with console fitting floor contour?

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I started building a cardboard template for a center console and the top part was easy but getting the bottom to fit the floor contour is tough! Any tips for doing this? The only thing I can figure is to bevel the edge touching the carpet but fitting the curves of the floor is easier said than done. I'd appreciate any tips.

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I like Joe's method. It should work in just about all applications. To take it a step farther, once you have the rod bent to the right contour and transfer it to a cardboard or sheet metal template, don't make that template the full height of the console side. Instead, make two side templates for each side - a top one and a bottom one. Make them so they will overlap. Set the mockup with the top and upper side templates to the height you want in the car. Then tape or glue the bottom side templates to the top templates with the bottom template fitting the floor as you want. Everything will "float" to the right place and you'll have accurate templates.
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