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Hi from down under

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Just joined the forum I from Australia and have just purchased a New Zealand delivered RHD 56 Bel Air.
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Gday Mick, Good to see another Aussie into tri fives
Welcome Mick.. kay & I say hello from south bend indiana ..';';';';';'; :wavey:
:hello: hi mick and welcome. good to have you here. congrats and have fun with that 56. .....................rhd :eek:
Welcome aboard Mick!!:sign0016:

Glad you found us:D
Hi Mick and Welcome to TriFive :)
Hello Mick
welcome aboard
Got any pic's of it ....I might know the car !
Welcome aboard Mick......from Chattanooga, Tennessee

:sign0016:to trifive Mick from another 56 owner:shakehands: Later, Dave
:sign0016: to Trifive Mick. Glad you joined us. :happy0030:
Thanks for the warm welcome.

I have uploaded some photo's on this forum not sure where they went but it is titled Micks56 went into an album somewhere.
You will note in the first photo the dog is a real Ford mutt.
Cheers Mick:sign0020:
Found them for ya Mick
Just look in the album under your profile

Nice car !

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Thanks Chris

Thanks for posting them had no idea where they went.
G,day Mick welcome from another Aussie well done on the purchase
Welcome; nice 56. How did you come to import it from kiwi land.
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