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Hi there.

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Hello, I just joined this site the other day, I'm working on a '55 Nomad. Header woes at the moment. Gleaning alot of useful info here though. Flint
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Welcome to Tri Five Flint. There is a lot of threads on and about headers, that is for sure.
hi flint and welcome. good to have you here. try the search option above, tons of posts on headers.
Hello Flint
welcome aboard
Welcome Flint! Glad to have you along!
Hi Flint and Welcome to TriFive :)
Welcome to the site Flint, and good luck with the Nomad!
Welcome aboard Hoss....this is a great place.
HELLO AND WELCOME...YOU HAVE PROBLEMS "START A THREAD"....IT SHALL BE SOLVED.....The info you get here is second to none
Paul :sign0020:
:sign0016: to Trifive Flint. Glad you joined us. :happy0030:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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