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Holley Carb question

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I picked up a Holley 6619 four Barrel today. Is there anything I should know about this particular carb? It was used and i know it needs a Kit, but before I do, I thought I would check here first.

I want to get the Pontiac Carb off of my 56!!!!
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I had one of these on a 350" back in 73-74. I don't remember if this was an emissions carb or a fuel mileage carb but it seems to me that something was always backwards with this carb.Maybe my cam was too big for it to work properly. I replaced it with a 750 double Pumper that ran well. :anim_25:
the 6619 has a reverse idle circuit meaning the idle screws work backwards of the norm . however they function the same as all the other holley carbs . .
I remember them from the 70s they wer supposed fo be a Chevy calabrated replacement carb for a early 7-s 350. Sqiare flange standard holley bolt pattern, Much better choice for me than an Eldebrock door stop.
Good to know!! I just can't make that Pontiac Carb work real well. I woukld rather kit the Holley than the GTO carb. I'll probably just sell the Goat carb to someone that needs it.
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