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Holley Street Avenger Clear Plastic Float Bowl Plugs

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A customer brought his car in for a tune up and I noted that the Holley Street Avenger 770cfm carburetor still had its clear plastic float bowl level sight hole plugs installed, I said to him that this is not recommended and went to remove the primary one and it fell of in my fingers. So I tried the secondary one - did the same, so I had to remove the carburetor to get the fuel bowls off, because the plastic had gone so brittle it was locked into the back of the thread and could not be removed. Once the float bowls were off, I was able to carefully drill them out and remove the residue, I then fitted the proper brass plugs and refittted everything.
A bit of a lesson here, don't leave them in place. It meant a 5 min job turned into an hour and new gaskets to boot.
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