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How to repair pitting in sheet metal?

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I have some pitting in a 57 rear quarter mostly in the area under the aluminum insert. I've searched around some but the only advice I've found for repairing this involves either cutting out the whole area and welding in a new piece (with the relatively high risk of warpage) or simply filling the pits with putty (trying to avoid putty if I can).

Can/should these pits be filled with a quick shot from a mig welder? There is at least one coat of a high build primer on the metal in this photo. That little hole is that factory hole with no apparent purpose, none of the pitting goes all the way through.

Thanks -
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Joh, if you are sure that you have the cause of the pitting (rust) corrected, then you can skim a thin coat of bondo and sand smooth. depending on the depths of the pits you might be able to use only to fill the pitting. Just my thoughts
Following Micktm's advice would be no different than covering small dings that cannot be reached......OMO
It was caused by the factory putting on the glue horizontally.
This held the moisture behind the aluminum insert.
Mine also had the pitting.
I sandblasted the area and sprayed epoxy primer to seal and left the pitting.
It will be covered by the aluminum insert. Just put the glue on vertically next time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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