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Howdy from Tioga co. Pa

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I will soon be the proud owner of a 56 Chevy Wagon 4door. Always wanted one.. I have been into classic Chevy's since I was a kid.. My last Classic was a 65 Chevy C20 long bed step side.. Now it's Wagon time.
I'm also into Vintage Choppers. I currently own and built a 62 Pan/Shovel in a rigid frame with a 10 over wide glide... Keeps me outta trouble.
I'm looking forward to picking all of your brains.. Bugz
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:sign0016:to trifive Bugz from another 56 owner:wavey: Later, Dave
Welcome to trifive, i know you will like it here and make lots of new friends.

otis :)
Howdy bugz
welcome aboard
Welcome aboard!
Welcome Aboard Bugz!
:hello: hi bugz and welcome. good to have you here. have fun with that wagon.
Hi Bugz and Welcome to TriFive :)
Hi & :sign0016: glad to see another tri5 person
Welcome aboard from Tennessee. Station Wagons are interesting projects. Good luck on yours.
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