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New to this forum, picked up the 57 Sport Sedan I've been trying to get bought for the last few weeks today. It had been in a shed for the last 5 or 6 years but sorta maintained so ran ok, drives good and after a few hours cleaning it looks pretty darn decent. Sierra gold with adobe beige top. All original except for Cragars on the front. My first 57 Chevy in years, had a 57 convertible in high school (1963-64). The "new" one is a 283 2 barrel with a pg. It's going to the old Maris Rod Run tomorrow for it's first time out.
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Welcome to Tri Five Irvan. Sounds like a good find.

:sign0016:to trifive Irvan:shakehands: :anim_25:with the 57... Later, Dave
Hi Irvan and Welcome to TriFive :)
Welcome from California Irvan! Can't wait to see pics of that 57'!

Hi Irvan, welcome to trifive and like to see some pictures of your car and have a good time at the car show, Later Bill
:hello: hi irvan and welcome. good to have you here. congrats and have fun with that 57. :five:
i'll try it, hopefully the photos attached.
try again. if doesn't work will try to figure out.


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:sign0016: to Trifive irvan. Glad you joined us. :happy0030:
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