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hydraulic clutch-'57 150 wagon

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Got the clutch m/c mounted. Running a Tremec TKO 600. Keisler has this firewall adaptor for the '55 and '56, but '57 has a little different pedal/firewall arrangement. The aluminum tube needs to be longer, will have the local machine shop make me one 5/8ths inch longer, but I think we're in the ball park. Wilwood states the m/c desired travel is 1.4 inches, and I'm at 1.375" travel. I think I can shave a little rubber off of the pedal stop for that additional .025".
Now I can finish plumbing the brake lines, mount & plumb the roll stop and prop valve.


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I would have the same concerns as Cheynut . I think I would make the spacer out of steel tap one end for the hime and weld the other to the petal. I under stand the clutch-master they are using in these kits is from a chevy suburban diesel stick shift . Any body know for shore ? Don
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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