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The '35-40 fords are all based on the same chassis, there are body differences though.
We saw the '35 and '37 above.


From '38 Ford followed Chevy in offering two models. In 1933 Chevy offered a "master" and "deluxe" model. Chevy deluxe models generally had more power and better suspension than their "standard" counterparts, the deluxe also had better trim.
Ford took a slightly different route by having different front sheetmetal between the two models, typically the standard model had the previous years deluxe model sheetmetal.
Anyway, some pics..

'38 Standard

'38 Deluxe

'39 Standard

'39 Deluxe

'40 Standard

'40 Deluxe

gonna shut my trap now in case I get kicked off for knowing too much about Fords :sign0020::D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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