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Idler arm bearing kit

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I purchased idler arm bearing kit-"poor man's power steering"-but now thinking of going with power steering anyway. Should I still install the kit? Will it assist the power steering? And the instructions I received with the kit are not too clear-anyone have photos of the installation of the idler bearing kit?

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Can't comment on weather or not to use with power steering, but Danchuk has instructions on their website that are pretty clear. I bought the kit from them, haven't put it on yet but I removed the old idler arm bushings and let me tell you they are a pain. Took the one in the center link out with an air chisel but the one in the idler arm itself I had to burn the rubber out and then use a carbide burr to cut the sleeve in half....and then still use the air chisel.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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