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If you ever hear about one, go check it out!

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My uncle told me about a 4 door 55 thats mostly complete for $300. We went this morning and sure enough, there it was. I seen the perfect fender tops and how much was there and NOW I OWN IT!!! :party0031: The trunk lid has ZERO rust and it looks pretty straight too! Its still got the motor and trans in it but the rear end is gone. The leafs are still on it. I'm taking a rear end and tires and wheels next saturday to bring it to a buddys house for storage. He said he had a bunch of spare parts in his barn I could go through when I come back next saturday. There still out there guys, ya just got to get out and look.
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Deals like that don't come along very often. I'd buy them all day long at that price and worry about where to put it later. :tu

nice find hafrod! :party0031:
FYI Just sent you a PM. Thanks Lloyd
Great save, Hafrod. Well worth saving, especially with the rare wooden dash inserts :D Ok, it looks like wood from the pics!

Keep saving them!


wish I could find a 56 like that. 1 more completes the collection:D
Yep it pays to have a look. I have on a few and done fine. And haven`t on others and regretted it for a long time.
Not bad:tu Later, Dave
Nice find. :happy0030:
Geez Haf, You ought to have that running and driving in a week or so.

you get more finds and stuff than anyone I have ever known!
Hafrod, really happy to see you've found another trifive to save from the heapyard, but I sure hope this doesn't mean your Buick is going to the back burner again, I'd love to see that one when you finish it and look forward to it...
I'm still working on the Buick till its mostly done. When I sell it, there's some cash for parts for the other 3 four doors.
I have so many boxes of parts, I went through most of them yesterday. I found new front and rear brake shoes, front wheel cylinder kits, fairly new front brake hoses, and just lots of little tidbits. I just traded for a set of 14x7 American Racing Outlaws (look like a solid styled Centerline). I have a brand new set of 14 in Firestone tires that I've never found anything to put them on till now! I got my big box of lug nuts out and had a brand new set of chrome lug nuts. I found stuff that I forgot I had. Gonna be another spare parts built car. I think my biggest find was a 210 sterring wheel horn ring and cap. The chrome on the ring is VERY nice.
Oh, I forgot to mention, my dad give me a COMPLETE good working 3 speed setup with a Hurst floor shift that was in his 56. He changed to 700R4.
Congrats on that find! :tu
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