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i'm confused

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ok, not sure where to start but: i bought from a neighbor the original engine (or so i thought) out of a 68 was his aunts car from new...327 210 hp....gave the engine to a speed shop to rebuild...they had a set of 194 valve double hump fuelie heads which they redid with hardened seats...they put a 350 hp cam , new pistons, etc in the car and reused the 327 crank..use middle grade pump runs strong but were having overheating problems which are now 90 % fixed...was at a car show today and an friend told me that the engine was not a 327 but was a 350..upon decipering the codes it comes out to a 74 350 from a police car....the speed shop said that this changes nothing..i have a 350 block with a 327 crank so i still have a 327....they bored it .40 over...should i be concerned or am i reading more into this than i should be...i was always told that a 350 block...the water passeges were closer to the cylinders than a 327?????? help me undo my concerns....please.....
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as far as the water passages are concerned there is no difference in a 68 327 block and a 74 350 block . the only difference is it is not a small journal engine the original 8 327 is a small journal enging the 350 is a large journal engine. the bummer is the cranks don't interchange and the early small journal ones are steel the majority of the large journals are cast iron cranks. as far as the average car is concerned it really makes no difference. just technical jargin to cloud the mind. I would just drive it and enjoy it :happy0030:
While I don't know all the tecnical details, Hotrod is correct. The bores are the same. The larger journal crank is an improvement, steel or iron. I have a 283 engine with a 327 crank in it in my 55 they call it a 307, goes down the road just fine. ENJOY
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