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In Search of the "Flashback" 1957 Drag Car built by the Students at Goshen High School in Goshen, Indiana between 1988 and 1989.

The car was then campaigned in Indiana,Ohio and Michigan about 6 years as part of the Auto Shop Program.

The car was then sold off, and changed hands several times starting about 1995.

The car was painted an intense Viper Red by the auto shop and was a 4-link style drag car with a Dana 60 Rear end. The rear wheel tubs were widened as well. Dash was mostly stock and the same color as the body.

Many man hours were invested in this car by multiple classes and the search is on to find it once again.

It originated in the Northern Indiana area where we have talked to a few of the subsequent owners. We know it was then sold off and may have been in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area. An internet ad was found for the car from a few years ago, but no information was tied to the ad.

The car has a roll cage and the door bars were removed at one point. We also beleive it to have a set of red vinyl bucket seats in its last known configuration.

We have multiple photos of the car as built and then in the hands of some other owners. We would be happy to send them to anyone with a lead for further analysis.

Please feel free to respond directly to this thread or to our team email at:

[email protected]


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