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Ive Danced With Some Real Dogs In My Time But

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Now that would be a tough act to follow:dancing: Later, Dave
Auggie, that's about the cutest thing I've seen in a good while. I don't dance with no ugly women, but I'd dance with that little sweetheart all night long. Thank you for posting. :congrats: Lloyd
That Dog is a better dancer than a lot of humans.

That Dog is a better dancer than a lot of humans.

And that would include yours truly:stickyman:Later, Dave
Too cute!

That was great! Thanks for postin' Auggie.:D JIM.
LOL !!! that's hilarious, but very entertaining, that guy must’ve drank a 12 pack before picking up that date… what an act huh !!?? thanks for sharing that one Auggie..
that was great, thanks auggie. :party0031:
Wow....that dog loves it's owner/trainer to have remained on it's hind legs for so long. And to learn & remember entire dance routine. Good looking dog too. Thanks Auggie.

Ive danced with some real dogs............

Take this one step further the song many times in spanish repeats " El Baile del Perrito" means : The dance of the little dog Nice post Auggie ...Good one !!!!!
That was great Auggie. Thanks for sharing.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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