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jegs or summit discount

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Does jegs or summit offer any discount for ordering $1000 dollars or so of parts or do they ever have any type of coupons
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I have not seen any lately. You can get a Summit card and have 12 months to pay and no interest.
give them a call and ask. you never know. :confused0024:
Always call or email customer support. There may be a recent print (mailed postcard) promotion you could use or there may be a web site promotion code available you cannot find on the site. (Many parts sites are too cluttered.)

I have had a lot of success getting free shipping or up to 10-20% off for placing high volume/dollar orders. It never hurts to ask.
Jegs offers a racer discount if you are a member of a racing sanctioning body
Summit used to offer Summit bucks for a discount if you bought parts from them within a certain time frame. They stopped that and now only offer the Summit bucks on specific parts they want to unload from their warehouses.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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