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Just about as perfect as it gets

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The detail, fit, and finish on this 57 is amazing. :tu
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Agreed, that car is stunning without being overdone.
this is truly finest 57 I have ever seen every detail is perfect..,every gap,panel,wire,not an one wrinkle in the seats it is beautiful with its 17 inch cragars...any more info about this car?
I just check those project pics...great pics and good info! guys check this out, I think this should be sticky :)
That 57 is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't get much better than that. I agree, it's not over done at all.
Nice touch with the addition of fins on top of the FI unit.

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Not only is the workmanship perfect the design choices are perfect too!
That thing IS sick, i can only imagine the man hrs invested to get it to that level...

The only regret I would have is, i wouldn't dare drive it...
nice ride, but hate to ask, what do u do with it :wavey:
Of the Tri-5s, the 57 looks better with a solid color than the other two. Thats beautiful. :congrats:bowtie-trifive
I agree with everyone else - it's beautiful.

Ray :bowtier:
That is beautiful! I want mine to sit like that one.:happy0030:
Just Great !!! i wish i could get someone to take pictures of my car like that too !!!!:congrats::tu
Great looking car. The attention to detail is amazing. I especially like the wheel well braces he added to the rear quarters. If you go through the build up on the car it shows what they did to strengthen them. Wish I had seem the build up before I hung my quarters.
That is a beautiful car, and the professional photography makes it look even better.
Beautifully done..the panel gaps and finish are perfect. That's a "blueprinted" restoration if i ever saw one:)
Very, very nice. Probably as good as you're going to ever see.
I don't care for the FI emblems and the choice of radiator could have been better.
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