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Just bought my first car, so here I am!

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I just bought my first car and it's a '56 Chevy 210.

It's far from original, and a little rough around the edges but it's all my own and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It's got a 383 with an Edelbrock 4bbl. carb, Edelbrock intake manifold, heads, cam, and ceramic manifolds that go straight through to Flowmasters. It's got a 3-speed Hydra-magic with a shift kit, and 4.11:1 gears out back. It's got all of the original trim, except for the hood ornament (which I'm gonna refurb to put back on), mirrors, and the Chevy script on the quarter. It's also got an electric fan, a 2" drop in the front with power disc brakes (which I think is a Nova setup). It's in primer at the moment, but the car turns heads more than Corvettes do. I've got alot of questions, and I'm sure I've come to the right place!
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Welcome to tri 5 Gas. Glad ya joined us........enjoy that chevy.:wavey:
Welcome to TRI-FIVE!!!
Your at the right place. That's why we're here, because most of our cars are rough on the edges or they were rough on the edges. We like pictures.
:hello: hi gj and welcome. good to have you here and nice intro. congrats and have fun with that 56. ........hint: "sounds" like a cool car. :D
:sign0016: and post some pictures of her !!!!:tu

:sign0016: to TriFive GJ! This IS it - the Best site in the World for TriFive's! Congratulations on getting yours! It's very exciting and when you get a chance - how about some pictures? Primer is ok with us! :wavey:
Welcome from AZ! WOW, another 56 owner!
Your gonna like it here......


Hi and Welcome to TriFive :)
Know how you feel gasoline junkie, 56 chevy has always been one of if not my most favorite cars in the world. I have a bel air post undergoing a restoration at the moment and it is something i have waunted my hole life. The process is slow but i can wait, ive waited 40 years so a couple more waunt kill me if thats what it takes. You cant rush quality, if you do you are usualy disappointed in the end. Welcome and enjoy that 56 along with this site. And nothing wrong with primmer, my 55 is has it and wears it well. And i know a 56 can look equaly as good in primmer.
Welcome from Iowa. Got to love those 56s.:party0031:
Welcome aboard and grats on you 1st......its the one you will never forget.
I just bought my first car and it's a '56 Chevy 210.

You will have fun with the car. It took me years to get my dream car and we have driven to some great places. Sounds like a fast 56.
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