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I gave a mid-season report here:

Funny how things change - 2 weeks after that I had to report More Door was down. Been in the barn since June 26th. Stuff removed, parts sold off, awaiting its turn in the operating room. I was running the LS1/T56 '82 Camaro in its place, then busted it August 3rd. So, now I'm scrambling to put the other '82 Camaro together with an LS1/4L60E. I actually "raced" my '95 2500HD 6.5 TD Silverado last weekend.

Here's how thing stand now:
Club Clash (street cars, 10.50 to 13.99 sec ET, DOT tires, mufflers) 2 of 9 races remaining
2009 season finish - 2nd
Current standing - 2nd (2 rounds behind the leader)
Last race was a rain-out after one round. Leader went out, I won, really wanted to keep on racing that day. Need to get the Camaro running by Aug 27th in order to keep going in this class.

Friday ET Classes
Street ET One race remaining
2009 season finish - 2nd
Current standing - 5th (5 rounds behind the leader)

Trophy Jackpot (both delay box and non-box cars) 2010 SEASON COMPLETE
2009 season finish - 7th (missed one race)
2010 season finish - 1st (1 point ahead of 2nd place, 2 points ahead of 3rd place). 14 round wins, 13 were in the '57.

Saturday ET Classes 1 of 10 races remaining
Run Tuff
2009 season finish - 1st
Current standing - 6th (too many rounds behind the leader to catch)

Pro ET
2009 season finish - 3rd
Current standing - tied for 22nd (really fell back in this class)

King Street (street cars, 7.50-12.75 sec, clean paint, mufflers, lights, current registration/plates, insurance required) 4 of 7 races remaining
2009 season finish - 6th (missed one race)
Current standing - Out. After the '57 went down, I didn't have a car quick enough to qualify, missed 2 races, will miss the rest.

My Trophy Jackpot finish qualified me for the local track's team for the NHRA Division 5 finals in Topeka mid-September. I'll be running the '82 Camaro LS1/4L60E (or the pickup, if I can't get the Camaro sorted out).
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