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Leaf Springs Purchase - Please Advise

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Regarding Leaf Springs, would anyone have any problem ordering these from Danchuk. They are about the cheapest in price. Just wanted to know if this would be a good or bad place to buy.

Thanks - Ol 55 (East Coast Chevy) is out of stock so I need to make a decision fairly quick
Thanks much
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If you are having them shipped to Woodbridge, then I would suggest that make sure that you find out the details about the shipping costs. You might be in for some nasty cross-boarder fees after you think you have paid for everything and the items arrive at your door. Some times it is hard to compare in-Canada prices and after shipping US prices. Perhaps a Canadian supplier may be more cost effective in the long run.
One place that is close and should have the springs is down in Dundas, Ontario:
and their sister outlet over in Little Britain:

Specifically for an item shipping from US to Canada, UPS most times would have fees for; Entry Preparation Charges (roughly 10%-20% of Value if under $500); HST (13% of Value), Bond fees (2.7% of the fees with a minimum of $5.85: yup, it is a fee to advance the fees); COD collection fee (flat $4.25: yup another fee but this one is to actually collect the fees). There are other possible fees but most do not apply. Fedex is similar.
Sometimes a firm in the US will negotiate with a shipper for a “to-the-door-all-in” fee which means it just arrives with everything already accounted for; but this is extremely rare. Ask if there is a “to the door shipping cost with no other fees”.
If an item can go by mail (USPS/Canada post) most fees just evaporate; but size becomes an issue.
Sorry to ramble on about fees but if you are unaware of them then what you thought might be a good deal suddenly becomes a bad deal.
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I just installed the 2'' lowering leafs from Danchuk.They fit perfect.They were around $200.00 plus $50.00 shipping from California to Ky.The shipping would have been cheaper if their Indy warehouse had them in stock.I tried a set from Classic Chevy 1st.Had all kinds of issues with them.They were nice enough to take them back though.
Hey Stonewalker, thanks for all the advice on shipping, but I am up to all those customs tricks. Actually, I travel to the states quite bit, so I have them shipped to an address there and just bring them back with me.
Like Stillz 55 - I ended up ordering from Danchuk (I was running out of time). I did not order the lowered ones though. They were $209 bucks for the pair.
Funny thing, when I spoke to Classic Chevy (Ecklers) - they told me that they actually got their springs from Canada. After that I called a CDN spring place and he told be to try Eaton Detroit Springs but they were $450 - I went with Danchuk, and happy to hear that Stillz had no issues.
I am very familiar with Antique Chevy - both locations, but it is a lot cheaper getting in the US and bringing them home.
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