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Liftgate Support Arm restoration

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is a pain in the butt. i decided to take on the liftgate arm restoration because of a lot of guys that buy liftgates from me dont always opt for the afermarket struts. i was excited to take on this project, then i started doing a few, and dread it LOL. rivets are a pain. but tonight i finally got some practice in and am happy with the results. what makes it difficult is that you are handling parts with fresh chrome, so you have to be very careful when installing the rebuild kit or you can damage the part, like i did on my first set :mad0028:

i plan to offer an exchange on these just like i do my liftgates. the quality of chrome is similar to what is on the liftgates, since its the same plater. they came out great, and im excited to start offering these to nomaders. check out the pictures.

if anyone wants more info on how to install the rebuild kits feel free to email me [email protected]
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thanks dude. pictures dont do them justice, they are like jewelry in person.
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