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Listing wire for side/front panel

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My listing wire(s) for the side/front panels on my '57 front bench seat are split in half, curving at the corners and almost meeting at the center. Is this normal or should it be one piece wrapping around the whole bottom? I'm finding it very difficult to hog ring the wire to the "slots" on the bottom of the frame right before and after the two corners. The last slot right before the corner is higher than the slot immediately following the corner (on the side). The bracket for the shell is interfering also. It almost looks like the wire should terminate at the corners. In other words, one wire each for the sides and one wire for the front of the panel. Any ideas or confirmation on this? Thanks
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The wire being in pieces really doen`t hurt a thing. It is best to start hog ringing in the center and working outward from there.

The bracket for the shell is interfering also.
The bracket should be removable, remove it, get the cover on and then reinstall the bracket.
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