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Local car show

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I went to a local car show on Saturday, a fund raiser for Trinity Lutheran Church School. There were about 80 cars, trucks, motorcycles in attendance. My mother-in-law is sort of one of the matrons of the Church and is active in the schools fund raising through out the year...even now approaching 95 yrs of I sort of have an obligation to attend this show and get some of my friends to attend also:)

Last year I won the "Best of the 50's" trophy and "Peoples Choice" at this show(and no it was not favoritism 'cuz my wife and I do not attend church there we go to Greeley Christian and the participants and spectators chose the winners:))

Any hoo! heres just a couple pictures...

I met the owner of this '55 Bel Air Sport Coupe...bone stock, numbers matching, 265, it was orginally(if I have this right)owned by his wifes grandparents, bought new, and had set in a chicken coop for years on the family farm after it was "retired". They spent quite awhile cleaning it up, new brakes, replace or repairing this, that and the other. He did one heck of a job bringing it back to life.
This was his first car show he won "Best of the 50's" and "Most Original"...kudos to him and his wife and their hard work.

This Chevelle is owned by the young guy sitting in the chair. He's a former Trinity School student now attending the automotive Tech program at the community college. He was one of the ranking Colorado h.s. drag racers and took the "TOP ELIMINATOR" series in '07 when he was a 17 yr old senior with this car, his daily driver. Now it is a full blown drag car, NHRA specs, 880 hp blown 502, rountinely runs in the mid 9's...he trailered it in and when he pulled it off the trailer...earthpounding is how I'd describe it...

These next two cars also belong to former Trinity students both now attending the 4yr automotive school at WyoTech. The guy that owns the black flamed car painted both the blue Camaro and his own...Talented kids... and his friend built his own engine/drivetrain, he runs in the low 10's and helped his buddy put a Magnuson supercharger on the black flamed one

Fear not, take heart there are still some young guys that love the sound and power of the V-8 and are learning how to build them right:tu:)

This little coupe won "Best Paint" pictures don't do it is a stunning paint job...

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great pic and stories gr, thanks. :five: good to see 55's like that one. :party0031:
Thanks, GR, nice pics. Glad to know the kids are attending tech school for autos, instead of just hitting the streets with them. Charles :wavey:
Looks like it was a real fun event anf for a good cause. Those young guys seem to be keeping hot rodding alive and well.
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