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Hello All:

Here is my situation, TH350 in my 55 and I have shortened the column for a CPP 500 steering box. As well I have utilized the powerglide transmission mounts on the frame.

It appears from the other posts I have read that most folks have removed the original frame horns for the powerglide, which provides a clear line of sight to the transmission.

My question is, has anyone used this linkage with the frame horns still intact. I have tried to bend a rod that goes between the floor and the frame horn with no success attaining all gear positions. It looks like my only option is to go in front of the frame horn and basically put a hockey stick type bend in the rod.

I pondered using a Lokar cable setup but I do not have enough column protruding through the firewall for their clamp assembly.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.:confused0006::confused0006:
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