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When putting the crate 350/330 in the 57 I bought a Mallory Breakerless Distributor (MAA-4248201) for firewall clearance. This distributor has a Magnetic Module (#M-609) not the Photo Cell type module. At 25,000 miles the module went out. The module cost $70 - $80 depending on where purchased. I felt like I should have gotten more miles out the module. At the time the module went out I was going down the highway at 60mph. I was told probably spikes knocked it out and didn't really understand this. I called Mallory the other day and pleaded my case. They said jumping another vehicle could have caused it, I said never done that, then they said battery charger could have done it, I said no battery charger on the system, they said older alternator with defective parts could have sent spikes, I told them alternator was new with engine change and was gone thru last September when it quit charging, they said it could have been several spikes over time and finally went out. So I asked them was there a better system they said no the Magnetic Breakerless was the best so I asked what could be done to decrease the chances of this happening again and they said to put # 29531 Power Filter on the system. I bought a new Ballist Resistor .7 - 1.50OHM. My plug wires are what Mallory stated I should be using. I have noticed that I have a singing or high pitch whining in my radio. Any recommendations???
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