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Back in 1963, I sold a real nice '55 Bel Air sport coupe,
that I had bought from my best friend for $375.00 when he joined
the Air Force. A year later I sold the car to buy an engagement ring
for my then girlfriend, now my wife of 42 years.
Fast forward to 1981, I bought a '55 Bel Air 2 door post car from a guy in
our local club, Hudson Valley Classic Chevy Club. It needed a lot of work,
but had a fresh from the crate '78 Corvette engine, 4 speed,
and 4:11 Posi. Over the next 5 years, I stripped it to bare metal,
sent it to 2 diferent shops for body work and paint, and my wife and I
shopped for parts at Carlisle and local swap meets. Finally in Sept. '86
it was ready for its first show - LEAD EAST. We took it to lots of other
shows (some to set up and sell Race Glaze products at - we demo'd
on the '55). We even had our names put on the doors, and "Memories"
put on the trunk. In 1988 we bought a stock '55 Sedan Delivery,
because it would be better to drag all the stuff to the shows.
While we were in the process of doing over the Delivery,
we got hit bad in the rear end of the sedan, on the way home from a
local cruise night - $7,000 damage in 1989. We got a good used quarter,
deck lid, and everything else that was needed, and the car got a complete paint job.
I decided that I didn't really need 2 old Chevies, so I sold the sedan.
It didn't take long before I regretted selling it, and as hard as I
tried to find it, the car was not to be seen or found. About 5 years ago
I asked a good friend who is a NY State Trooper, to run the vin for me,
and see if he could find the car. He found it in Queens, NY - only about
a one hour drive. I called the owner the next day - he was not interested
in selling the car - said he loved it. Five years later, last Sept., I got an
e-mail from him, asking if I'd like to buy back the car - he was ready to sell.
Financially it was the wrng time - we had opened an auto/truck accessories
store with our son, lent him money to buy a Buick Grand National (he liked
mine so much...), and lent him the down payment for his first house.
We were tapped out, but we figured we had to go look at the car.
When we went to see it, we were hooked. The owner held the car for
me over the Winter in his garage - we picked it up in March, on my birthday.
What a birthday present !
Now my wife and I are out cruising locally as many nights a week as there
are local cruises, and good weather. It was very special to get back this
particular car, because there are so many memories associated with it.
Our son picked out the paint color, and the interior color scheme for
the car, when he was 16 years old.
Its hard to beat the lines of a '55 Chevy - its timeless...

Rich Warner
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