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My 6 year old daughter and I went to Chevy Night at Monday Night Car Shows at Westfield Old Orchard Mall tonight! It was great going with Kaitlyn, who liked the ice cream the most, but asked to go again (pretty sure it'll be for the ice cream). She loved the Isetta the most, but I took pics of the Tri-Fives that were there. If they were members of, I couldn't find out, because I barely had time to take the pic, with Kaitlyn pulling me forward.

I couldn't bring Christine, as my wife doesn't allow Kaitlyn to ride in her. Not until I put air bags (the safety ones) in. She's lucky I put the lap belts in...

If you live in North Chicagoland, there's a car show almost every monday night this summer - (I'm not affiliated, just going).

Nice '57 4 door wagon:

'56 BelAir HT:

'57 BelAir HT:

Wish I could've talked to this guy, convertible '57, dropped way low, with an LS1 in there. Nice:

'57 BelAir HT:

'57 150:

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