This M-20 Muncie is the third design for the Muncie history. The third design was produced from 1979-74. It features a fine spline input shaft and the large 400 turbo type output shaft. All cases had both the fill and drain plugs plumbed in them. It is the most heavy duty of all Muncie transmissions.

This particular box is in mint condition after have been rebuilt by me, the Muncieman since 1980. It has a mixture of original mint parts and gears and a mixture of new parts made in Italy. The aftermarket gears from Italy are absolutely the best of all the gears on the market place today. I could explain the reason for this but space here is limited. I have not had a gear failure using these Italian hears since 1995. I installed a complete American brand master rebuild kit with all the good quality parts.

Every single part of this transmission has been looked after and leaving nothing out there to grab you later. Among the mint gearset it has a great low mileage case that holds the cluster pin very tight. It also has a new front bearing retainer and 4 new heavy duty bearings. The sliders are mint GM type and the hubs are new no rock. The side cover has new scissors, seals and a new spring. I used the sealer from so you can forget about your Muncie leaking or dripping. All the aluminum on this box has been glass beaded and looks new. This transmission is one of the best I have ever rebuilt and offered for sale

Comes with a 6 month warranty for the bearings and the labor. Quality trade-ins welcome. Tech info is free and I will take calls until 9:00 pm. Shop is open daley and until noon Saturdays. Call the Muncieman at 267 424 5838 Price $1800