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My Grandkids other Grandpa

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Hi Folks, While the wife and I were at the Shades of the Past, my grandkids other grandpa (Ken Price) had a fire at his garage and it burned to the ground. He had just retired, turned his outbuilding into a garage for extra money, and was trying to build up his business. The fire began about 10:30 at night, and by the time the fire department got there, it was on the ground. He lost his tools, air compressor, parts for old cars, and a '40 Ford coach. He had worked as a mechanic for dealerships most of his life, loved old cars, drag racing, and helping people out. And I am asking for help to rebuild his garage. The insurance company won't let him touch anything until they determine if his house insurance covers outbuildings. He has to hire out a private company to remove the ashes because of the tires and oils, and the dump charges to dispose of this stuff, so the insurance money, if any, will be gone. His daughters has set up a web sit for help, it is Any help will certainly be helpful and appreciated. I have talked to Otis and have his permission to post this. Please help ! ! Charles :wavey:
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sorry to hear that charles.
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