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My Vintage Air

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The knucklehead that did my interior broke the capillary tube from my control unit. Anyone know if I have to buy the whole new controller for Vintage Air or is just the tube available?
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You need the whole piece if he broke the tube itself. I'm sure VA can advise what you need.
I've spaced it out for the past few weeks. Think about it here in the evening. The whole control panel from Summit is $45.00. I just have the black generic controller
Don't understand.

The capilliary tube is connected to the thermostatic switch, this is not part of the control unit.

It's hooked to this correct?

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On mine (cable type Sure Fit) there's a separate thermostatic switch on the unit itself, near the fan. The capillary tube itself is not exposed.

Which unit do you have?
I have the Super Gen II and my control unit is the pic'd in the last post. I ordered the one from Summit. :tu
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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