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My wife got some news today on her day off

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I GAVE THE 56 TO HER!!!! I'll finish it for her over time. She loves the car. I let her drive it today for the first time and she had a ball. I'll still be driving it for a daily till my 55 is ready. I built her a 71 Chevelle SS 454 a few years ago but kept having serious engine problems. We went through three 454s in a few months time and she got mad at it and told me to sell it. She loves old cars and needs a reliable one. The 56 will be perfect.
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That's great- Just think how it'll look when the two of you are cruising in a pair of TriFives! She looks pleased as punch. :congrats:
That's one way to grow the collection:happy0030:
Very pretty gal! Amazing how these cars are just that much fun to drive!
so cool.:party0031: i got to try that on my wife when i want a 57. :D
Great idea!

Thanks Hafrod. I think I'll use that tactic to pick me up another Tri-Five.:) (It MAY work). JIM.
As I remember...she fought for that car. She deserves it!!!!:D:D:party0031:
Hey nothing like having a wife that loves cars too. Mine likes them and tolerates my messing with them. Your wife definitely looks pleased with the news.

I'm up for adoption if your looking:cool:
Wifey looks like a real happy camper:happy0065: Later, Dave
she sure looks happy and pleased with it
She looks right at home behind the wheel!:D Now I know how I can pull off getting another Tri-five!:happy0030:
Thats great for the both of you......
My wife wouldn't go for it. Not enough power accessories for her. If she did though she would look at the roof and say "ok but when are you going to finish it?" Wonder what she'll say when you get an offer on it....

Cool ,
Now that's one seriously happy looking Mrs Hafrod ! :tu
It's great that your wife is "in" regarding the tri-fives. I also feel lucky for the same reason.

Your a lucky Man!! Hafrod!! the smiles say it all, Better take good care of that lovely Lady!!, Shes a keeper!.........Happy Cruisin'
Hafrod, she looks right at home under the wheel of that nice ride. My wife won't drive my '55, but she sure acknowledges the thumps up, beats me to it every time!!! Charles :wavey:
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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