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need advice

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i have a 56 belaire old race car , thinking about turn it in a gasser. what would be my advantage of this , beside the weight? :confused0006:
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Weight transfer if done right..and yes what Pete said..
There is no practical or functional advantage, it has to be what you want.

thanks. but is it hard to do ? i just to show and help transfer my weight, can i just use my old frame and trim it? i really like the stance of the gasser , but i have a bb chevy and 400 turbo 5.38 gears 9'' ford rear end i just want it to handle great.
I love my gasser, but I am not building it because I expect it to handle great, it's more about attitude and style.

If handling is the main thing you are looking for, there are several suspension options that will make it "handle" better. Are you talking about cornering like a new car? And the weight savings basically requires the front of the stock frame to be lopped off and a new frame/cross member to be installed.

My .02, decide what you want to use the car for, or what look you are going for and build it that way.




W E L C O M E ! ! ! !
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i just want it to handle great.
then you don't want to build a gasser. :sign0020:
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