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need glass

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i need a passenger rear quarter glass for 55 210 4door wagon. also would like to find 55 6cyl and tranny. please call 918-207-2910 day or nite.
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Maybe you should try to put your request in the "TriFive Classifieds" section
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I had side glass done at a local glass shop, it's just tempered glass and it was only 50 bucks a side for doors and the same for rear quarter widows and I think it was $30.00 for the vents. If you cant find like new glass to buy try going to a plate glass shop.
It matched perfect and is brand new!
:hello: hi guy and welcome. good to have you here. try your local glass shops first. look here also www.autocityclassic. :anim_25:
Hi and welcome :wavey:
Try the classifieds
Your local glass shop can cut the glass cheaper than you can buy a used one and have it shipped more than likely. The original glass is a laminated glass. Some of the aftermarket glass is a tempered glass and will fit loose if you aren`t replacing the U-channel at the same time.
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