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Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a very long time. Been working on my '57 Belair 2door coupe on and off for the last couple years. I now have all the crusty body braces replaced, and all the underbody rust repaired. I have fabricated and installed a spring pocket kit. I have also mini tubbed it, centered the fuel tank, and installed all my rear suspension which includes a S-10 rear diff (for now) rear anti-sway, and new 2" drop leaf springs and relocated it 1.5 inches back. I need to buy my wheels and tires now. I want to put Mickey Thompson E/T street radial 315-60-15's on 15x10's with a 3-5/16 bs. They will fit. The front is where I have questions. I have done a whole lot of searching this site and reading about fitting the front tires but still need some opinions. I want to put the same tire, M/T E/T street radial 235-60-15 on the front, 15x7's with either a 3-5/16, or
4-7/8 bs. those are my only choices of bs. The front suspension has not been purchasced yet so I am flexible with it. I will be putting tubular uppers and lowers, QA-1 coilovers, manual disc brakes (manufacturer still undetermined) and a 500 series steering gear. So after this long winded post, my questions are as follows:
- Thoughts on running the E/T streets on the front, as I'm sure their purposed for the rear only.
- I'm sure someone knows the combination of suspension set ups that will let me use the 235's on the front without major rub issues. Oh, and The front will also have a 2'' drop, either by spindle or spring what ever will work best for me. thanks in advance for all your comments! I'll see if I can figure out how to post a couple pics for ya'all, as I know you will ask.



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