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Needing some help with wiring wiper motor

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I Pulled the vaccum wiper out to replace it with an Ele. wiper out of a 55 chevy i found.(Works Great) I understand the short wire goes to the mounting screw.(Ground) The Ele. motor wire I've read should be use with a Ballast Resistor or can i wire it down to the fuse panel sence its a 12v Wiper motor. The car is not stock It has a Altenator and HEI does this matter.
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acardon is very knowledgable & a wiring expert in my opinion, message him if he misses your post
LB55.....You are correct in that the power lead for the wiper motor went to the ballast resistor....See link: Chevy Assembly Manual/320-1.gif However, it went to the top of the resistor, where the voltage was not reduced....It was just a conveinant place to get +12 volts with the key on....However, it was unfused.

Best to wire it to an unused spot that the pink witer connects to on the junction block...See link: Chevy Assembly Manual/101-5.gif
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