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New 55 in the stable....

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Hi there,

A while back I posted a thread trying to find the 55 Bel Air that my dad and I built back in the mid 80's. I was trying to find the car to possibly buy it back.

Here is the thread:

After an unsuccessful search I began looking for another car. Trying to find a nice 55 to drive and enjoy. Yesterday I drove from my home in Connecticut down to central New Jersey with trailer in tow and cash in my pocket and looked at this 55 wagon. It turned out to be just as nice as the guy described it to be. Nice body and paint, beautiful interior and a nice running small block. It has Vintage Air, disc brakes, power steering etc. It seems to be a great car. We were able to come to terms on the price that both of us walked away happy with. I think I actually made a friend with the seller. He is a great guy for sure.

Now that I have the car I am sure you will be seeing more of me here on the forum looking for some info or sharing when I have something to add.

I did change out the wheels and tires this morning to what is in the pics. These are 16x7 front and 17x8 rear Billet Specialties Legacy rims that I took off my 47 Ford street rod. I am now going to sell 47, but wanted to keep the wheels, I think they really dress up the wagon.

If anyone recognizes the car and can share some info I would apreciate it. The seller only had the car for a year, it suposedly came from Arizona?



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that is one sweet wagon. congrats and have fun with it glenn. :five: ........luv the red on red. :party0031:
I like it!! :tu :tu
WOW, That is a very good looking wagon you found.

Thats gotta be the cleanest '55 wagon I have seen and I like it with the wheels you got on it too.
Nice looking chev....I'm partial to red/red combos....:party0031:
Well done Glenn
that is one beautiful 55 wagon :tu
Nice Backdrop too.....

Very C:cool::cool:L
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Thanks for all the nice comments guys. We are really happy to add it to our family.

Here is a picture of my 47 Ford that we are going to be selling now. It's been with us for 11 years, and as much as I love the car I am just feeling like I need a change. It's time it found a new home.


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Beautiful.....I esp like the clean firewall and the seats. You done good.
That wagon looks kind of familiar! Here is a pic. of the 56 I built and sold about 4 years ago!


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Wow. Nice '55 Wagon. :happy0030:
Thanks for all the compliments guys. I really like the car. I found it on Ebay last Monday. I was kind of suprised no one jumped on it before me. Although the pictures he had posted weren't as flattering as mine. I guess it was meant to be.
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