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I have amassed an assortment of new and used parts over the nearly 6 years I have owned my 55 and now I'm culling a few things out as I no longer need them and maybe some one else does.

For starters I don't have a starter, that's a poor attempt at a dad joke....... :sign0020:

I have a Gene Smith 1" sway bar in brand new condition, it has never been on a car. It's the original fitment type (same as what was offered back in the day). SOLD
I have a rebuilt power steering generator I brought from Ecklers (35 amp I believe) but no pump to go with it and a brand new voltage regulator with the little rubbers to mount it.
I have a complete set of brake lines to fit a 55 with a treadle vac braking system and all the clips and brass blocks and bolts and other stuff as well.
I have the front (hood) SOLD and and now just the rear (trunk) driver quality bezels and brand new emblem to go with it.

I have an assortment of used parts.
Rear springs and used air shocks, shackles, bump stops, etc.
Front springs, many front steering items.
Engine mounts complete with brackets.

Give me a PM if your interested in something.

Oh, I found some more stuff I'd forgotten about.......
I have a set of used drum brakes, they are fairly complete right down to the roller bearings but no spindles.
I have the old lines and brass blocks backing plates shoes and drums and master cylinder if someone is after them.

I have had another look in the shed and found some more stuff........ When will it end LOL
I've got a set of bumper guards for a 55.
The front and rear along with the grille guard, but don't have the mounting bolts for either as I would have no idea where they are if I still have them at all.
They are in need of some attention and will need re-chroming.
PM me if interested.

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