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New Gal on the block!!!

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Well my boyfriend and I are interested in the classics and owning one in the future. I thought I'd start to impress him by learning a bit about them so I could talk a little "shop." Am looking forward to learning from all of you.
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:sign0016:to trifive Susan:wavey: :anim_25:eek:n your quest for a trifive... Later, Dave
What a Girlfriend!!

:sign0016: to TriFive Susan!! What a great attitude!:) This is the very best TriFive site around - Full of friendly & knowledgeable people. Don't be afraid to ask anything! :anim_25: on your quest to learn more about these beautiful Classics!
Welcome to TriFive! You'll find this a friendly group with a lot of info!
Good luck finding your Chevy! -Keep us statused. :D
Another California welcome to you Susan! Do you really want to drive a car in New York? :happy0030: You will find more info here than you can imagine.

Welcome aboard!
:hello: hi susan and welcome. good to have you here. hope your bf knows how lucky he is, your a keeper. :five:
Welcome aboard Susan!!:sign0016:

You came to the right place to get info about the tri-fives.

Glad you found us:D
:sign0016:Susan from SoCal.
Hi Susan and Welcome to TriFive :)
:anim_25: on your search. I hope you find one soon :cool:
Welcome aboard. Hope the quest turns into an adventure. :anim_25:
Hello Susan
welcome aboard
You have found the quickest way to a car guy's heart
I'm sure he will be mightily impressed
I am !
:sign0016: to Trifive Susan. Glad you joined us. :happy0030: Your at the right site to gain knowledge. Here you can learn all you need to know about Trifives. Your boyfriend will be impressed. :party0031:
Way to go susan, a little home work never hurts. Are you guys thinking of a finished car or complete project or perhaps something in between ? Either way welcome and good luck.
Welcome Susan....way cool you joining the site , enjoy ! :tu
Well next time there's a car problem question, here's some jargon for you to rattle off to him.
Look carefully under the hood and say:
"Ahhh, the rearview aborator came loose and caused the tripethrottle knucklehead bilge coolant to over-heat.
It's gonna need an RGB 40962 rapid transix modified flatulator.
When the tripethrottle knucklehead bilge coolant gets above 46 degrees of rotation, it'll burn em out everytime.
You can always try a lefthand tinkle tube in the P line but all that may do is cause the naughtin cam to spam up.
Unless it's got a 009 or an 035 special lube boiler, then the RGB 40962 rapid transix modified flatulator will just cause the exhaust to smell like dead fish."

He'll either hug you or look at you and say:
Most likely the latter...:rolleyes:
Welcome aboard. :sign0016:
There will be actual, real answers as your questions arise. :tu
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