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hello to everyone at tri-five
just sort of stumbled on the site and thought it would be fun to join. don't know much about computors so that's why it took so long to even get this far. tried several times to download pics but was unsuccessful. my name is jeff from the great state of iowa. i own a 1955 belair 2door hardtop. hopfully i'll be able to show some pics in the near future and tell you more about my classic. looking forward to exploring the web site and talking to tri-five owners. thanks
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Welcome to TRI-FIVE!!!
Glad to have you aboard. Yes, we like pictures. :sign0016:
:hello: hi jeff and welcome. good to have you here. above is a "help wth photos" area. ....yup, i'm not to good with computers also. :pcguru:
Welcome Jeff from "next door" Nebraska.:shakehands:
Hi Jeff and Welcome to TriFive :)

:sign0016:to trifive Jeff from another Iowan:shakehands: :anim_25:with the 55... Later, Dave
Welcome Bodean. Glad to have ya join us.....:wavey:
Welcome aboard. I've never been to Iowa but am told its pretty country.
thanks to all for the nice welcome.
:sign0016: to Trifive Jeff. Glad you joined us. :happy0030:

Welcome! Enjoy the site!

Welcome Aboard Jeff! the members here are a wealth of information and experience with thee beautiful cars..
boman you joined a great site welcome brother,but keep in mind you got some crotchety old faats here lol
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