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I am a new member. I was a member back in the early 80's. At the time I had a 57 Chevy. Sorry I got rid of it. Looking for another. I built two up from the frame and I am now looking for one with all the work already done. Too old.

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Welcome Will, hope you find the one your looking for, my cousin builds one or so a year and currently has a nice convertable and a hard top for sale.

:sign0016:to trifive Will:shakehands: :anim_25:eek:nyour quest for a 57... Later, Dave
Welcome Aboard Will!
Welcome aboard Will!!:sign0016:

Hope you find that perfect tri-five.

Glad you found us:D
:hello: hi will and welcome. good to have you here. have fun getting that 57. :anim_25:
Hi Will and Welcome to TriFive :)
Welcome aboard Hoss.....keep searching cause you'll find one just for you.
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