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New to Tri-five

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Well I just sold my last toy a 1969 SS396 ElCamino but things are looking up! Yesterday I bought a 56 Belair Post. Cant wait till it gets here. Coming on transport from the N.E. I hope the hurricane misses it. The 56 is very much like the one I had as a kid. Small block engine with big block springs, no front bumper but full billet grill. Love the look.
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:sign0016:to trifive Penny from another 56 owner:wavey: :anim_25: with the new toy:bebored:Later, Dave

Welcome to TriFive Penny - this site is loaded with informative and friendly people - you're going to love it here! When you get your '56 - how about posting some pics? :wavey:
Welcome aboard
Hello Penny
welcome aboard
love to see some pic's of the 56 when it arrives
Welcome to Tri-Five

Hi Penney - Guarantee you'll like this site. Full of great people that love Chevys.:wavey:
Welcome Penny! Glad to have you along! :shakehands:
:hello: hi penny and welcome. good to have you here and nice intro. congrats and have fun with that 56.
Welcome , sounds pics when u get it home !:party0031::party0031::party0031:
Welcome Penny, post some photos of your 56 Chevy you bought. Can tell you're excited about arrival of it.

Hi Penny and Welcome to TriFive :)
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