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New to Trifive .. with an old '55

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Picked up a '55 210 4-Door Hardtop, no eng or xmission. But the body is in excellent condition with minor surface rust in couple of places and a shotgun floor panel that will need to be replaced. No dents, no holes, no hidden damage. Frame measures true to original specifications and is now out for powder coating. Front suspension cleaned and primed and waiting on the frame.
Owned a '55 2D Bel Air in 60's which my brother wrecked while I was overseas. (Surprisingly, still love him most of the time.) Always thought of getting another '55 to restore, and found this little gem.
Plan is to have it completed by late next spring. I'm sure I will have questions along the way and look forward to be a member of this site.
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Welcome to the site James. If you need any info on your 55 this is the place
to be
Welcome to Tri Five James. Must be a 4dr sedan since they didn`t build a 55 4dr hardtop.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the gang!:wavey:This is a great site for tri-five owners! You made a great choice in trifives, considering I am kind of partial to the 55!!!!:anim_25:
Welcome JJ. 2 door or 4 door - we love 'em all here! :shakehands:
Hello James
welcome aboard
:hello: hi jj and welcome. good to have you here and nice intro. congrats and have fun with that 55. :party0031:
Hi John and Welcome to TriFive :)
Welcome, JJ, from North Carolina, Great selection, '55s are my choice, too. But, they are all great, I'd not pass up any one of them.. Good luck on the build. Charles :wavey:

:sign0016:to trifive James:wavey: :anim_25:with the 55... Later, Dave
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