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North Carolina residents be on the lookout

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A guy on the Apache camper forum, bought this trailer on Tuesday, it was stolen on Saturday. It is painted grey with a red stipe, not factory colors so it should stick out. If you see it contact the police, and contact me I will forward the info on.

It is a 1978 Apache Ranger.


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will do Greg!
Will keep my eyes open, I do run the Interstate some. My brothers truck was stolen and was on its way to a chop shop iln Spartenburg, SC when it was recovered. Good luck and hope it show up ok. Charles :wavey:
Seems like with so many out of work a lot of things are being stolen. I know of at least 2 trailers being stolen here this spring. One was a friends 18` car hauler, locked up in front of his shop. Never saw it again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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