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Old Dodge Needs Help

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I have a no charge condition on my 91' pickup. I have battery voltage to all three terminals, on the back of the alternator. My question is, can you "full field" the alternator by crossing the smaller terminals, one to the other, or to ground ? I'm sure this is an internal regulator unit. This is a new NAPA alternator.

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Take the heavy wire off the output post and check for battery voltage on the wire. I suspect a blown fuseable link at the battery and your seeing a backcircuit with the wire connected.
You have to take the senseing lead off the alternator to make it full field, but I don't know which one that is????

My old Dodge needs some help too. :eek:
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You can't teach an old Dodge new tricks... :sign0020:

This might help or not, Mitchell test procedure...
Thanks loads Don and Dave. The fuse-able link was burnt through before the alternator was replaced. But now it hot enough that you can barely touch it.
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