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Old Member coming back home...

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Just a quick Hello. Haven't been to the site in quite some time and forgot all my particulars (**** old age :D).

Used to go by the handle Double Nickle. Was in the process of doing a resto-mod on a HT 55 when I got jumped by sickeness and haven't made a bit of progress since. Car's been sitting in the garage with the floor pans out for almost 2 years now.

BUT, the good news is...I'm ready, willing and able to get back to her. Just waiting for it to cool down just a bit more here in Florida so I can start doing the welding.

As you can see from the change in screen name, something great happened while I was laid up...Had my first Grandchild (a BOY :party0031:) born. Now I have someone to leave the car to when I finally do go to that big Chevy Plant in the sky (hopefully in 30 or 40 years from now).

So anyways, that's the saga of the Double Nickle. Glad to be back, looking forward to readin' and chattin' and seein' what everyone's been doing to their rides :cool0010:

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Great to have you back with us.:party0031:
Hey, glad to hear you've got your health back and congrats on the new grand-baby !! that's a true miracle for sure, post pics of that baby, and the car too !!
Great to have you back. I was away for a while, too - lost my wife -- 57s been sitting in the garage with little or no attention but now i'm ready to get back to it -- I'm also in Florida -- too hot to do much right now, but soon it'll be great car working weather.
Welcome back John!:shakehands:
Welcome Aboard John! the members here are a wealth of information and experience with these beautiful cars..
Welcome back, gotta get the car ready so you can go cruising with your grandson! :tu
Hi John glad to hear you are fit for the fight and Welcome back to TriFive :)

:congrats: becoming a grandad :tu:tu:tu
Welcome back!!!! And good luck cruzin with that new grandson!
Hey, Grandpa, Welcome back and don't leave us again. Congrulations on the grandson, I've gotten me one in the last year, my second. Hope you can finish your car soon and hit the streets. Post us some pics, we love kids and cars. Charles :wavey:
good to have you back grandpa, congrats. :five:
Hey John
welcome back
congratulations on the arrival of your grandson :)

:sign0016: back to trifive John:wavey: :anim_25:with the 55... Later, Dave
Glad you made it back! Conrats on your new Grandson :tu
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